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Surf Trip for Intermediate Surfers to ‘Secret’ Indonesia

Note: Due to the level of interested surfers, the location of this camp has been changed to Java and Bali for 2017. View the details here

  • 18 – 25 September 2017 – 7 Nights / 8 Days
  • $1725 NZD – All inclusive: Accommodation, 3 deluxe meals, daily surf coaching and filming/photography, transport around the island
  • Fly to Medan ( A short, cheap flight from Singapore or KL) on or before 18 September – We’ll then fly as a group at 115pm to the island surf camp.

Surf Trip Overview

Would you like to surf perfect waves, have your sessions filmed and improve your surfing? This surf trip has been designed especially for the intermediate / average surfer. If you’ve been thinking about a surf trip to Indonesia but have been unsure about your ability, where exactly to go or had no one at your level to go with, joining this trip would be a great option. I’ve done a lot of research – my plan was to find somewhere that is less crowded than Bali/Sumbawa/Lombok etc, has a variety of waves that intermediates can enjoy, as well as some ‘entry-level’ barrelling waves for a bit of challenge.

The spot I’ve chosen isn’t secret but it’s definitely off the radar and not blown out yet. The surf camps here are relatively new and the locals don’t surf yet. That’s why I’ve chosen not to name it online, but you can probably guess with a little research and I’ll obviously be telling anyone who is interested exactly where we are going.

If you join us you’ll be staying in a resort right in front of an A-frame, ‘the Peak’. This wave is super consistent, not too heavy and offers long walls in both directions. The takeoff can offer a little barrel if you want to paddle a bit deeper once you get comfortable. Then within a short drive each direction of the camp there are many other good waves. Long mellow lefts, hollower rights, beach breaks, a bit of everything.

I’ll be coaching you every day. At the start of the camp I can paddle out with you if needed to help with confidence and positioning for the take-off. I’ll then focus on filming your sessions for analysis post surf. Often with hollow waves, intermediate surfers have their pop-up technique and stance issues exposed and this is the main reason they don’t get barrelled successfully. With video feedback and land based practice, I hope we can make quick improvement in this area. Because the peak has nice walls, we can work on any kind of turns – cutbacks, re-entrys, speed generation.

You’ll come away with all the footage of your surf trip, I’ll also be taking photos of your sessions.


Day 1: We will meet up in Medan and take a short flight at 115pm to the island. You’ll be able to check in and surf that afternoon.
Day 2 – 7: We’ll have 6 full days of surfing – how many times do you want to surf per day? We’ll explore the island and possibly take a short boat trip to a nearby wave. There are so many spots to check out.
Day 8: Our last day but the plane out doesn’t leave until 255pm so you have plenty of time for 2 more surfs.

The Routine: We’ll be flexible but each day will probably be something like this – wake up and surf, eat breakfast then relax and review footage, go have a second surf somewhere, head back for lunch and review footage, sleep, have a sunset surf, dinner and early night. The coaching will be personalised to each person’s needs but I’ll do a few theory sessions based on what the group needs. For example, we might take an in-depth look at how to make late drops one day, or we might break down the cutback into chunks and focus on practicing that for another session.

Also, if you get sore we can go through some yoga poses or other exercises to keep you primed to surf.

What level is this Surf Trip for?

“Intermediate Surfers” can be interpreted in different ways, but on my scale this trip is for level 3 and level 4 surfers. You can check your level here. It’s great if you’ve had coaching from me before as you’ll know what to expect, but anyone from anywhere can join this trip. The best thing is that you won’t be challenging youself alone. You’ll have the support and camaraderie of the group. Surfers of the same level as you.


You have the option of private, double or shared accommodation. Let me know your preference as the price may go down slightly if you share a room. The resort is new and as you can see in the big photo below, the villas are set on a beautiful property overlooking the Peak, the most consistent wave on the island. The grounds offer chip and putt golf on site, flood lit basketball and yoga.

3 meals a day, fruit, water and your morning coffee are all included. There is also Internet available.


Surf Trip for Intermediate Surfers Indonesia
✓ Daily coaching on topics specific to your needs and that of the group
✓ Video analysis and photography sessions
✓ In-water coaching for support and help with positioning/take-offs/entry and exit of the break
✓ Help with stretching/yoga after surfs
✓ All your surfing footage and photos downloaded to memory stick
✓ 7 nights resort accommodation
✓ 3 meals daily + fruit + water + coffee
✓ Transport to other surf breaks on the island
✓ Additional activities such as Mountain Biking, Paddle Boarding, Island Exploration

Best surf trip for intermediate surfers.

Getting There

Although the island is off the beaten track, it is actually quite easy to get to and no long drives are required. You firstly need to fly to Medan (KNO) which is accessible from many places. From New Zealand, the best way is probably Auckland – Singapore – Medan. The Singapore to Medan flight is only 35 mins and costs under $200 NZD return. Flying to Medan from Bali is also an option, there are multiple flights each day from wherever you come in from.

Once in Medan we will fly together to the island (55 mins, about $100NZD return). You’ll need to get in early on 18 Sept or stay the night of the 17th in Medan so that you can easily make the 115pm departure time.

The cost of these flights is not included but as you’ll see they are cheap and there are many options. Just let me know if you need any advice.

Packing Checklist

You will need to bring your own surfboards. I would recommend your standard shortboard plus a step up board more suited to hollow waves. You won’t need a big gun as the waves are clean and not too big. It’s good to bring 2-3 boards in case one gets damaged.  Here are a few other tips on what to arrange and what to bring.

  • Travel Insurance is a must have for everyone on this trip.
  • Bring a quality wetsuit vest for colder mornings, reef and sun protection.
  • Spare fins, legropes, fin keys, wax are a must. There will be no surf shops on the island.
  • Reef boots from a surf shop are a good idea and will make getting in and out a lot easier until you get used to the breaks. Get a snug fit.
  • Mosquito repellent and light long sleeve tops/long pants will come in handy in the evenings.
  • Bring a small first aid kit to deal with any reef cuts.
  • Pack light – sometimes the flights have weight restrictions.


If you want to join the surf trip for intermediate surfers please get in touch and tell me your accommodation preference (private room or shared room). I can then give you an exact price. To secure rooms at the resort, a deposit will be needed, ideally by January.

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