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Surf Coaching Holidays and Trips

Your surfing always progresses faster when you’re on holiday.

These surf coaching holidays have been organised so that you can take advantage of some of the amazing surf spots that lie off the beaten track, both in New Zealand and further afield.

Each location has been chosen for it’s super reliable conditions and surf spots that are perfect for your level. Enjoy a higher quality of waves than you’re used to, warm waters and just the right amount of challenge.

The aim is to experience new aspects of surfing, have a travel adventure with good people and go home stoked.

Surf Coaching trips

Who are these Surf Coaching Holidays for?

Each trip is organised by surfing level so that I can choose locations with waves that will fast track your progress. You can check your level here.

  • Level 2 Surfers – A trip for you will involve mellow forgiving waves that make it easier for you to enjoy a high wave count and long yet slow peeling waves so you can work on your turns.
  • Level 3 Surfers – We’ll aim to ride a variety of waves and develop some new skills. Spots that offer steeper walls and speed but aren’t too powerful and intimidating.
  • Level 4 Surfers – We’ll seek out slightly more challenging spots that offer entry-level barrel riding, as well as long, quality spots to let you link moves and get plenty of practice.

Really keen on heading up north, down south, west or east for the next surf training camp. Was such a great experience that we headed back to Raglan last weekend again!

Felix – Raglan Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp 2015

What to Expect on a Surf Trip

Guiding and lots of surf time. The surf locations will be fully researched before the trip begins and all logistics arranged. You just need to show up with your favourite surfboard or boards and be ready to surf at your best.

A supportive and positive environment. Many surfers on the World Tour have a coach that films them for feedback, talks through ideas and problems, and generally helps the surfer get in their peak performance zone. You can expect this kind of support on any surf coaching holiday and a focus on achieving your goals. We’ll aim for 2 filmed surf sessions per day plus analysis and feedback post-surf. Repetition and a tight feedback loop is key for progress. You can make adjustments so quickly.

We can talk through techniques and get clear on tweaking things as needed. If the waves are challenging and fear is an issue, you’ll be encouraged to push limits but with a safety net and full understanding of what you need to do.

Video footage and photos of you charging! In addition to the video footage for helping you improve, we’ll also aim to get some quality images of you surfing sick waves that you can take home. This includes in-water photography for those classic angles. Overseas trips may have a professional photographer arranged too.

An intrepid travel experience. We’ll be surfing a lot but there will still be the chance to check out anything of interest in each location, whether in NZ or overseas. We’ll hunt down the best places to eat, visit scenic locations such as waterfalls, swimming spots, hot pools, and generally explore our surroundings.

Surf coaching holidays Video Coaching

Every surf will be filmed for a tight feedback loop and maximum progression.


What’s included and how much does it cost? 

All the surf coaching holidays include accommodation. Transport during the camp is also included and I will provide details on how to get to the camp’s destination or starting point. The overseas holidays will have all meals included as well as other inclusions and experiences. To see the full inclusions and cost for each camp, choose a location below.

How many days? 

The New Zealand based trips are 5 days coaching with 4 nights accommodation. Overseas surf coaching holidays will typically be 7 to 10 days duration.

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