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Weekend Surf Coaching Camps for Intermediate Surfers

Is my pop-up correct? Why can’t I make steep drops? Is my board holding me back? What sort of training should I be doing? How can I become more confident in crowds? How do I get more speed? How do I overcome my fear of bigger waves? How do I learn new turns?

Do you ever wish you had some sort of mentor to help you improve your surfing? Someone who could answer all those questions, give you technique tips that were actually practical and actionable. Someone to encourage you to tackle more challenging waves.

Having that kind of support from the right person will remove your doubts and really speed up your progression.

But, once you’re an intermediate or advanced level surfer it can be hard to find the right mentor. Most surf schools and camps will tell you they can help, but their approach just involves having an experienced or pro-surfer paddle out and surf with you. That is of limited benefit.

These surf coaching camps for intermediate surfers hone in on all the problem areas that nearly all ‘average surfers’ have. They involve video coaching and analysis with a focus on co-creating a plan or blueprint that will allow you to drastically improve your surfing after the camp. You will learn how to practice on land so that you can perform better in the water.

Who are these Surf Camps for?

These camps are organised by surfing level so that we can surf in waves that are most suitable for the participants goals. The core structure (which is detailed in the next section) is the same whether you are Level 3 or 4, but the focus may be adjusted as below. You can check your level here.

  • Level 3 Surfers – The focus will be on building a solid foundation. We’ll make sure you are actually catching enough waves, build your confidence and eliminate all the little errors that are common at this level.
  • Level 4 Surfers – We’ll seek out slightly more challenging waves and we may have particular themes such as working on top to bottom surfing or surfing in hollow waves. We still check your foundation is right, but we work on specific aspects of your surfing and manoeuvres.

Thanks so much for your coaching – I was really impressed with the course and the effort you have gone to in preparing the content. There were so many penny dropping moments. I found your friendly professional manner makes for great learning too.

Chris – Omaha Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp 2015

What Can I Expect on a Weekend Surf Camp?

A focus on your goals: At the start of the camp we’ll set a goal as this will give you the drive to make things happen. The goal will ideally be something that you want to achieve within 6 months time.

The rest of the camp is then about developing an effective plan to get you to that goal. People often make immediate progress on the camp due to the ‘penny dropping’ after having a technique explained, but continuing that progression after the camp is going to be up to you. You have to work at it.

That’s why it is important that you leave the camp with 100% clarity on what you will work on for best results.

Clarity on what you need to work on: To get that clarity, we go through several key topics where any of your weaknesses will be exposed. Each topic will be presented on the laptop using videos and images to enhance your understanding. These sessions are also very interactive and you’ll be asked to test your current methods and then work on corrections as needed.

So yoga mats, Smoothstar skateboards, foam rollers and practice surfboards will be our tools here.

Your weaknesses will be unique to you. They might be from lack of awareness or knowledge, they might be physical limitations or you might need to adjust your mindset. By going through each topic, we’ll spot them and they will be your top priorities moving forward.

Receive video analysis of your surfing on the surf coaching camp.

Your surfs will be filmed and reviewed using coaching software to highlight areas for improvement.

A well defined yet flexible structure: We will work around the best tides and surf conditions, but, every day will generally involve 2 filmed surf sessions, review of the footage and 1 or 2 theory or land-based training sessions. The land-based training sessions are on exercises you can do at home that improve surfing plus Smoothstar skateboard sessions which are also filmed and a great way to improve techniques.

The Core Topics Covered in Theory Sessions are:

  • Goal setting and challenges for late starters
  • Wave reading and positioning tips to increase wave-count and improve success-rate
  • Fine tuning the pop-up for all types of waves
  • Instilling the correct stance that enhances control, speed and turning ability
  • Learning training exercises you can do at home to make the above possible
  • Turning techniques simplified
  • How to generate speed
  • How to Use a Smoothstar surf skateboard effectively
  • A final summary on mindset, confidence and your process for improving on your own

This surf camp was exactly what I was looking for! Andrew‘s professional and focussed ability to explain the mistakes we were making, and what technique we needed to develop, combined with our own video footage was powerful! I could already see by the second day how quickly my pop ups were developing and had a wonderful sense of clarity about other bad habits I had formed, and how I could correct them…just wish I had made this investment in my surfing life earlier!

Sam – Omaha Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp 2015


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