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Unleashing the potential of the average surfer

Getting Started with UP Surf Coaching

Coaching and info to help you surf better and have more fun.

If it’s your first time here you’ll soon realise that I focus my coaching on two distinct groups that I call beginner surfers and average surfers.

Those terms are a bit vague so I’ll start by defining how I classify different levels of surfer. That way you can see where you fit, and what services are available for your level.

What Surfing Level are You On?

Level 1 – You have never surfed before.

Level 2 – You’ve surfed before, either on your own or had a lesson or two. You might be able to stand up and ride whitewater waves but you have limited skill or experience at paddling out to catch the bigger ‘green’ waves before they break.

Level 3 – You paddle out the back and ride unbroken waves successfully most of the time. You might be able to perform some basic moves like cutbacks or little floaters on whitewater sections. You are likely to be a late starter to surfing or someone who hasn’t surfed regularly enough to nail the core skills yet.

Level 4 – You’re an experienced surfer and have the ability to surf a wide range of conditions with confidence. You know how to generate speed, perform basic moves and are at least attempting more advanced ones. You might only have a few years of regular surfing under your belt, you might be a ‘weekend warrior’, or maybe you’ve been surfing for 15 years plus.  Ability wise you might still be working on your core technique and style, or you might be a solid surfer who surfs top to bottom, throws spray and gets barreled regularly. This level is broad.

The Beginner Surfers

Surfing Level 1 or 2? You fall into this group.

services available to you:

Beginners Surfing Course New Zealandthe Become a Surfer Course – 3 and 5 day options

On the course you will learn all the skills you need to become a confident surfer fast. You can expect a mix of practical theory lessons and plenty of water time with me in the waves with you, providing endless feedback.

Beginner Surf Lessons

A 2 hour lesson for those who just want to give surfing a go and see if they like it.

free beginner surf tips via email:

You can also signup for my Beginner Surf Tips emails for free advice on how to get from newbie to competent fast.

Articles to smooth the learning curve:

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The Average Surfers

Surfing Level 3 or 4? You’re beyond the basics but you’re not professional or aspiring to be one. Your what I call an average surfer and most surfers fall into this group, maybe 90% of us.

services available to you:

Private Surf Lessons Raglan

Private Surf Lessons that address all factors e.g. mindset, body, technique, simulation.

UP Surf Camps New Zealand

UP Surf Camps around New Zealand – 3 day camps to inspire you and unlock your potential while having fun in some good waves with a few like minded people of a similar surfing level.

free surf tips and training information via email:

You can also signup for my emails that will hopefully get you inspired to surf and think outside the square when it comes to improving. My goal is for these to be practical and give you some things to action in your next surf or workout.

Articles to get you amped:

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