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Beginner Surf Lessons in Raglan

Surf lessons designed to give you a quick taste of surfing in a safe environment.

Surf Lessons in Raglan

Who These Surf Lessons Are For:

This 2 hour surf lesson is designed for people who want to give surfing a go, but are unsure whether they want to get into the sport.

It is a good option for families and children as we spend most of the lesson in the water having fun.

It won’t teach you everything you need to know to become a surfer, but it will give you a fun introduction to riding waves and there is every chance you will stand up and get hooked.

I will teach you the basic techniques of surfing, but not in as much detail as on my beginners surf course. If you are already pretty certain you want to get into surfing, I highly recommend that you take a course instead of these one-off surf lessons.

What You Will Learn in Your Surf Lesson:

  • how to assess the beach for potential dangers so you can surf safely
  • introduction to surfing equipment
  • how to confidently handle your surfboard in the whitewater waves
  • how to position yourself to catch waves easily
  • how to control your board (turning, stalling, accelerating) while riding whitewater waves (lying down)
  • how to stand up and ride waves with a good stance

What You Will Learn - Surf Lesson Raglan

What to Expect:

I can meet you at the beach in Raglan or collect you from wherever you are staying. You will be given a soft-top surfboard that is ideal for learning as they are easier to paddle and stand up on than normal surfboards. They are also safer. You will also be given a wetsuit to ensure you stay warm.

The surf lessons then begin with a quick yet important discussion where you will learn how to surf safely and get an overview of how the lesson will work.

We then get to the fun part and start learning how to surf. Rather than overloading you with information, we will focus on one thing at a time, practicing on the beach then entering the water to give it a go. Progressing gradually towards the goal of standing up and riding.

I will demonstrate all the techniques, then enter the water with you so that I can provide feedback and encouragement after each of your rides.

What You’ll Like About These Surf Lessons in Raglan

  • You will quickly experience the buzz of riding waves
  • I’ll take care of your safety so you only need to focus on having fun
  • The group sizes are the smallest in Raglan (4p max) to ensure coaching quality and increase safety
  • You’ll enjoy the clean water and beautiful views of Raglan
  • You will quite possibly get hooked on surfing for life!

The Details

2 Hour Surf Lessons Raglan
“get a taste of surfing in a safe, beautiful environment”


  • surfboard and wetsuit hire
  • quick yet detailed safety and technique briefings to allow maximum water time
  • constant attention from your coach due to the small group size
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