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Unleashing the potential of the average surfer

Auckland Surf Camps with Intermediate and Advanced Coaching

  • Next date: Late 2017, date to be confirmed

Spend 2 full days surfing the best waves on offer within the Auckland surf region, while I take care of the logistics and provide coaching that works on the foundation of your surfing.

Auckland has a wide-range of surf spots within a few hours drive. The trick is being in the right place at the right time. Rather than having a fixed location, the Auckland Surf Camp is mobile so that we can maximise the chance of scoring. If swell is rolling in from the tropics, we’ll be scouring the east coast for uncrowded a-frames. If the wind blows from the east, chances are we’ll be out west enjoying peaks fanned by an offshore breeze.

The coaching is fully tailored to the “average” surfer and isn’t the typically vague advice you’ll find online. Rather than work on particular moves in isolation, we’ll work at a foundation level to make specific manoeuvres much easier down the track. You will be coached in a holistic manner that combines theory, land-based training techniques, video coaching and tips on mindset.

Who is this Surf Camp for?

What Will I Get Out of This Camp?

By attending an Auckland surf camp you will come away with the skills and confidence to move steadily in the direction of your surfing goals. I hope you’ll feel a sense of possibility that you can improve, learn new moves and take on heavier waves…..You’ll get:

  • a detailed blueprint for achieving any surfing goals that you have
  • video footage from all your surf sessions
  • downloads of all the material from the theory sessions
  • a relaxing positive time with like-minded people

This camp will have the usual aim, structure and topics that you can read all about here in the Weekend Surf Coaching Camps Overview

Great weekend at the Raglan coaching camp. Already come on loads and wave count has gone way up! Andrew was able to pin point specific issues that were holding me back and has helped loads with progression while being able to keep the tuition fun.

Looking forward to another camp!
James – Raglan Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp 2015

The Core Topics Covered in Theory Sessions are:

  • Goal setting and challenges for late starters
  • Wave reading and positioning tips to increase wave-count and improve success-rate
  • Fine tuning the pop-up for all types of waves
  • Instilling the correct stance that enhances control, speed and turning ability
  • Learning training exercises you can do at home to make the above possible
  • Turning techniques and manoeuvres simplified
  • How to generate speed
  • How to Use a Smoothstar surf skateboard effectively
  • A final summary on mindset, confidence and your process for improving on your own

Picture yourself…

Hanging out and sharing stories with other surfers of the same level who are also determined to improve their surfing.

The team from the Raglan Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp 2015

Exploring the coastline each day for the best waves on offer, surfing new spots and hopefully escaping the crowds.

Get advanced surf coaching in good waves.

Intermediate and Advanced Surf Coaching using video analysis.
Knowing that someone is on the beach filming all your waves so that you can review it later on.

Surf Video Analysis on the Auckland Surf Camp.

Analysing your surfing technique using sports coaching software – pinpointing various aspects and making comparisons to pro-surfers to highlight the changes needed.
Fine-tuning your pop up – the most underated part of surfing – so that you can take advantage of faster and bigger waves.

Surfing Pop Up practice on the Auckland Surf Camp.

Being delivered to the best waves on offer daily, no need to plan or organise, just focus on your surfing.

Surf the best surf spots in the Auckland region.

Chill out between surfs on the Auckland Surf camp.
Enjoying a relaxed vibe, chilling out in between the surfs and theory sessions in a cool location.

Learn how to use a smoothstar skateboard on the Auckland surf camp.

Experimenting with skateboarding, training and other methods for improving your surfing on land so that you can take these ideas away with you and keep improving.

The Details

The Location will depend on where the best surf is. Possibilities include Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Raglan, Auckland’s North Coast or the West Coast. After watching the forecasts I will lock in the most suitable venue in the week before the camp.

Accommodation: I will hire a beach house to use as the base for all the training sessions and for hanging out between surfs. So you have the option of staying at the house or finding somewhere yourself. The house will be of as high a standard as possible and you will be able to use the kitchen facilities for meals if you want to.

Schedule and Transport: The surf camp will begin early on the Saturday. You can drive or make your own way to the camp location and we will meet at the house or the beach if we decide to go for a surf straight away. If you don’t have transport, I can arrange for an early morning pick-up from Auckland. The camp will finish mid afternoon on Sunday.

You will need to bring your own board(s) and wetsuit and anything else you’d usually take on a surf mission, clothes you can do some exercises in, and suitable shoes for skateboarding are also a good idea.

There will be a maximum of 6 people to ensure quality coaching.

What’s Included?

Auckland Surf Camp

Auckland Surf Camps price

✓ 2 days of comprehensive surf coaching
✓ 2 filmed surfs daily in the best waves we can find
✓ Transport during the surf camp and from Auckland if needed
✓ Goal setting session
✓ Video analysis and feedback sessions
✓ All your footage to take home
✓ Interactive theory sessions on a range of topics
✓ Smoothstar skateboard training sessions
✓ Exercises for improving your surfing
✓ In-water coaching if needed (to help with wave selection, positioning and timing)
✓ A personalised plan for achieving your surfing goals

+ optional add-on: 1 nights accommodation at the beach house $40


What happens if the waves are no good?

It’s nice to have good waves for the camp but it isn’t vital. You’ll find that your main insights will come during the land-based sessions and even if the waves aren’t so great you’ll still come away with a solid plan for improving. People sometimes think they need to be filmed in great waves, surfing at their very best for video coaching to be worthwhile. But, that’s not the case. Average or small waves will often give a truer picture of your issues.

This camp is mobile and I’ll do everything I can to get good waves but we’ll only call it off if there is absolutely no waves on offer. In that case we will try and re-schedule for a later date.

Typically, what kind of waves are you looking for?

Waves that are suitable for the level of the surfers on the camp. We want conditions that will allow us to get good footage of all aspects of your surfing. You won’t be pushed out in conditions that are far beyond your comfort zone, but you can attempt more challenging conditions with support if you’re keen.

Do you sometimes have quite a difference in the surfing ability of the group?

The camps are grouped by level as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are the most or least skilled surfer on the camp, you will still get coaching focused on your needs and suitable waves to surf in.

Wanted to say a huge thank you for your dedication over the weekend! I enjoyed every aspect of the surf coaching immensely and even though the conditions were not necessarily in our favour I have come home with plenty of areas for improvement to put into progressing my surfing! I was also really impressed by the land based coaching – it’s brilliant to have exercises I can practice out of the water, which are already building my eagerness to get back in the water and apply them!

Nicky – Omaha Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp 2015

Upcoming Dates and Availability:

Late 2017 – Weekend Surf Camp $350

Book in and take your surfing to the next level